Marisabel Gaspar
Mar 4, 2023
SLC Adjust of Status - Marriage
my case was received October 27th, i got my EAD approved after 3 months, and since then I didn’t have any updates until two weeks ago, that I received an email requesting the form I-693, the medical form, I had my medical ready so we sent it the same day to the Chicago Office, I haven’t had any updates in my case online. I’ve read many comments saying to ask Emma to know if my interview was waived, but not sure how they got away from the automated messages and talk with a live agent. I would like to know if there are more here with the same problem or anyone who know how long I have to wait to get an answer from them. I live in SLC and i guess they moved my case to Chicago, since I had to sent my form there and not to the SLC office.
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Marta VTMar 4, 2023
Hola Marisabel!! Inlive in Utah too and they moved my case to Chicago too! My medical exam was sent with the application. My case has beeen in Chicago for a week now. I sent all my papers in October 2021. We are many from Utah wgose our cases have been moved to Chicago so no worries!
Veronica CMar 4, 2023
from what I have seen in other groups, if they ask to send the medial is usually a sign that your interview will be waived!
Christopher SMar 4, 2023
You need to say live agent and eventually you'll be connected. some agents are not really useful so it depends on who you get. standard answer if you ask about medical is that you need to wait 60 days before you can make an inquiry.. I just send my medical last week. they couldn't even confirm receipt.. Probably your interview is waived.
Nutella NutsMar 4, 2023
You can only get through to a live agent during Monday - Friday, 8am to 8pm Eastern Time.
Marta VTMar 4, 2023
It’s better to call USCIS and when they ask you how can I help you? you say “infopass”
the blessedMar 5, 2023
SLC IS such a slow office i don’t even feel like they working
Marisabel GasparMar 7, 2023
thanks everyone for your comments! I will update here if I have any news about my case. I will try to call. Thanks again!
m jMar 10, 2023
I’m Kansas City filer and got medicals rfe from Chicago field office. I sent medicals on Feb 9 and silence since then.

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