3 days ago
It's been 35 days since I send back my RFE the uscis app showing RFE reserved but no update yet so can someone tell me what's going on with my things I485 through the marriage case
ty nasy3 days ago
what is your filling office
us citizen filling for her wonderful wife3 days ago
I received a RFE for medical issues since june. but in the letter they also said, don't send any documents for them for not causing too much delay because of covid19. Wait for the interview to bring the medical records. so, No date of interview yet, but next week I intend to see doctor for medical proofs. I think you should read carefully what they say in your I-693 before sending anything thing to them ... My Pd is March 8, 2021.
Hannah Romo3 days ago
it usually takes 2 months to change
omo tuo3 days ago
it usually takes 60 days to update
TOM D2 days ago
what should I expect after 60 days is it gonna be good news

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