Odean Wostan
Apr 23, 2022
Receipt Notice
Can anyone really tell me when? how long does it take for the uscis take to send you a receipt notice I send it in march
the blessedApr 23, 2022
just be patient
the blessedApr 23, 2022
try to fill online or ask your lawyer to double check
A BApr 24, 2022
I sent my docs on April 13th and I received the receipt notice this Friday 22nd. So, 9 days later.
Odean WostanApr 24, 2022
well I dnt get mines yet and it’s a month this week
A BApr 24, 2022
In that case, I would just recommend maybe contact USCIS and also I highly recommend signing up for USPS’s “Informed Delivery”. That way you can see which mail is coming to you before the mailman bring me it. This helped me because I saw that I was supposed to get 4 notices delivered but I got only 3 from the mailman. If I didn’t have that service, I would think USCIS didn’t send it.
A BApr 24, 2022
And honestly, the timeline to receipt notice is different for everyone.
Odean WostanApr 24, 2022
How can I sign up for informed Delivery? can I get a link?
Odean WostanApr 24, 2022
A BApr 24, 2022
You’re very welcome
the blessedApr 27, 2022
abdoul bachir are you senegalease 😂😂😂😂😂
Max 221May 20, 2022
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