Morgan saleh
Dec 9, 2022
please tel me? my English breakes,
i applyed mi case at April 13 2022, and I get RFE from USCIS. i take respond and submitted at September 26. its after 73 days from now. can I call them to ask update for my case? thank you all
S KDec 9, 2022
do you need help with Spanish or another language ? just write a post in your language and you’ll find help
SOLA 🙏Dec 9, 2022
Yes call them because they are supposed to make a decision After 60 days only
Bacioz IIDec 9, 2022
Filed in April 8, 2022 Request for initial evidence received on April 27, 2022, it was for my wife taxes and salary. Response to RFE received from the USCIS on June, 28, 2022 Now it's December, I was reading somewhere that I am supposed to expect an update within 60 days, is it true? I mean, the fact that they wrote "we received the response to RFE" was the update or I should text them?
Tokyo Wong Dec 9, 2022
they will never respond to you bcoz they are su*k
Morgan saleh Dec 10, 2022
thank you all, haFiz, it takes for how long when I submit service request?

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