Moses Olanrewaju
Dec 6, 2022
please anyone with experience or help should please comment 🙏
My visa category is IR2 and I was told to provide some additional documents which is known to be administrative processing but am concerned I track my visa case and I kept seeing READY instead of administrative processing (refused or 221g) but I noticed something I submitted my documents on Wednesday and when I track it it was written that my case was last updated 2 dec which was Friday does these means they've received the documents I submitted and they've start working on it. also I tracked my passport and it was saying my passport is still with the US consulate am just so concerned and also please does anyone know how many days it take to for my visa to be issued since it now with the US consulate lagos back again
Ramona AaronDec 8, 2022
you should email the embassy and ask if they recieved your documents
Moses OlanrewajuDec 8, 2022
@ramona Aaron it change to administrative processing yesterday afternoon
Ana ariasJan 6, 2023
@moses did you receive your passport as of yet?

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