Nikki Candy
Jul 6, 2022
nvc ref
hello everyone we got a rfe at nvc and we already submitted the documents we had missed but the date’s hasn’t changed yet and we didn’t get an email from them after submitting the documents does the dates change or still remain of the first submissions date even after rfe
g nJul 6, 2022
wat was the ref?
Nikki CandyJul 6, 2022
just a blank missing page of i184 which I thought it wasn’t important to submit
immi usaJul 6, 2022
yes date remains same, after rfe wait 75 days again for them to review
Nikki CandyJul 6, 2022
@Immi usa thank you so much
g nJul 7, 2022
immi usa wat about if they asked about something already accepted , but they mistakenly didn’t see it are they gonna stay 75 days to review it again plus I send inquiry and they respond to me we will review the documents soon, been 2 days no updates yet .
immi usaJul 7, 2022
75 days again or supervisor review takes 50 to 55 days
ken SLJul 7, 2022
how many day's it takes NVC to respond to inquiry for missing documents to be reviewed?
g nJul 8, 2022
ken they responded to me second day but they didn’t fix the problem yet it’s been 5 days and it was there fault asking me for evidence already accepted.
ken SLJul 8, 2022
@g n . thank you! They asked me to submit my wife divorce certificate on 23 June and did immediately at same time. but they didn't accept the documents uptill now.

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