Idris Boladale Akeem
Jul 22, 2021
Urgently,I need a professional advice on a NOID ,Summary below - @ 2nd interview several different answers Beneficiary had a baby with EX during marriage Petitioner had different address a d leave there,because field officer went there to check Petitioner never use Beneficiary as next of kin @ work,lease office e.t.c Petitioner claim sj he each time she file but file with Beneficiary first Son Officer called Petitioner father and uncle and they both claim there daughter is not married and say there daughter does not leave at address on file with USCIS Petitioner told field officer she want to withdraw but never sign They both gave different location at which one proposed e.t.c another more Can someone pls give an advice on what can be done fast before 30 expires
j dJul 22, 2021
your application is already complicated and you must consult an immigration lawyer.
J PJul 22, 2021
Wow, this one sure is complicated. You need a lawyer. But if the petitioner does not want to sponsor you, I don’t see a way. Unless you can do Vawa but that’d be up to a lawyer.
G CJul 22, 2021
You will need to find a very very good lawyer ASAP!
A mJul 22, 2021
which state you are , which office??
adam kJul 22, 2021
one good thing is you have 60 additional days after 30 days due to pandemic. you need a lawyer asap
Ekun oJul 22, 2021
really bad. just get a lawyer
N JJul 22, 2021
lawyer ASAP
dada dodoJul 22, 2021
am sorry to say this case is beyond repair but I believe filing vawa is an ideal idea and one of the best options here
G CJul 22, 2021
I don’t think it’s beyond repair. I think you should get a good lawyer. I know of someone who had a case that was similar. He went ahead to divorce the petitioner (instead of her withdrawing). He got remarried - Filed again with new petitioner. USCIS asked for proof that first marriage was real and even implied fraud but he responded with letters and affidavits from friends and family about first marriage. He got his green card after a couple weeks. He hired a really really good attorney. Very expensive but really really good
Humpty DumptyJul 22, 2021
it looks like you were not prepared at all and you did not hire an attorney or get good advice from the beginning. you have a difficult case and USCIS has more damaging evidence against you, Get a good attorney ASAP and ive found people here to be more helpful.Good luck!
Z. A. OriginalJul 22, 2021
Father and Uncle did not like the Beneficiary because he was foreign with an accent. It was made clear on the get go and the officer capitalize on their damaging report. This officer’s aggressive approach to this case includes verbal threats by phone to the petitioner while at work. Though it seems very messy….there is a possibility a very good lawyer can get it adjudicated. It does seem the officer went way beyond the call of duty on this case. There are a few IOs that can be unnessarily aggressive and intimidating to petitioners and beneficiaries. Not what USCIS stand for.
mrs smithJul 22, 2021
I'm so sorry for you. this sounds very stressful. but I think people have the right advice and get a lawyer. what state are you in?
Ekun oJul 23, 2021
call this number; +1 (443) 857-6451 he is an immigration expert and a Nigerian/American. he handles such cases. call fast
james teeJul 23, 2021
bossman na lawyer fit handle am ooooo...Make contact asap...
Idris Boladale AkeemJul 23, 2021
@ Ekun,what state is the person at ?i will call him tomorrow

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