Laura T
Jan 4, 2022
No updates at all?
Filed EB2-1 I-140/I-765/I-485 concurrently to Texas service center on September 1 2021 (premium Processing), did Biometrics on November 10th, but my account still reads "Case was Received". Is that normal?
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Dana ChitfosJan 4, 2022
I applied in Dec 2020, and still have that status for I485. They updated only status for I-765 few days ago. It’s “normal”.
humam nameerJan 5, 2022
same boat
M AJan 12, 2022
I looked at some unofficial charts on telegram and it seems Texas has kind of abandoned 2020 cases and is processing 2021 cases much faster. very discouraging, does not make sense with logic, but logic doesn’t rule.

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