tanieka gangaware
Jun 12, 2022
No biometrics
Hi. My case was received on April 11 2022 and I received receipt notices about 2 weeks after. I still have not had any biometrics appointment scheduled, basically no movement on my case. Has anyone else had this experience? Are biometrics based on local ASC offices availability?
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menuka parsaiJun 12, 2022
what’s that for ??
menuka parsaiJun 12, 2022
I heard they don’t do biometric for N600 anymore which one is yours ??
EB 1Jun 12, 2022
I had my application sent of April 20th and got biometrics appointment for June 3rd.
tanieka gangawareJun 12, 2022
it’s for adjustment of status
Marcia Alvarez BenavidezJun 12, 2022
oh yeah i had my biometrics like 8 months after I filed. It can really vary
Nikki anydayNOWJun 12, 2022
give it some time. at least 4-6weeks
menuka parsaiJun 12, 2022
she already wait 8 weeks for it 🙄
m& mJun 12, 2022
mine took 8 weeks after case received
judith VidalJun 12, 2022
we filed on the same date and I' received my receipt 2 weeks after Aswell and nothing since
tanieka gangawareJun 13, 2022
@judith it’s so disheartening but I hope we hear something soon
Ana SampaioJun 13, 2022
I got my biometric done after 9 months of my PD.
Bob HopeJun 22, 2022
@tanieka & @ Judith I have a similar filing date and my biometrics just came through. hopefully yours will as well!
tanieka gangawareJun 22, 2022
@BobHope that’s good news. hopefully it starts happening for us too.
judith VidalJun 22, 2022
@Bob Hope I pray they do

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