fa b
Jul 22, 2021
need help Medical exam I’m so sad interview next week
married based interview next week 485 I took my blood test on 070/7/2021 it being 2 weeks I did my medical exam and still waiting for the results 🥴I called the hospital yesterday they said they will call me to pick up my results when my surgeon sign the medical exam. my interview is Next week I’m not sure if I can get the medical results by then I’m so sad I would like to know ☹️ can I get denied if I don’t bring the results to the interview??? I don’t know why my medical is taking time like this I’m sad
Joyce TJul 22, 2021
keep calling the hospital. Don’t give up
alecyia personJul 22, 2021
I thought they gave you the results sealed right away, I guess it depends on where you do it
fa bJul 22, 2021
thx you I will call them again today
fa bJul 22, 2021
@alecyia person no blood test take 7 to 10days to come back
Joyce TJul 22, 2021
exactly it takes up to 10 days, it even rarely gets to 10. Did my medical on Monday she told me to come take it back on Friday
jean aJul 22, 2021
Don't worry too much about that, they won't deny you for not having the medicals on your interview day. If you explain the situation or the reason to the IO they will issue a RFE for the medicals and wait for that document before they can do a decision.
Yann HJul 22, 2021
the lab results are ready. if you call the doc office and tell them that you need it expressly, I am sure they will have the doctor sign it ASAP for you.
fa bJul 22, 2021
@yann H I did they said they will call me
fa bJul 22, 2021
@jean a ok thx you

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