Sung Jin KIL
Aug 25, 2022
My visa for reentry with EAD/I512
I got EAD at March with I-512 Advance parole. I worked in the United States but because of housing problem, I went back to South Korea. I am pursuing jobs again to enter into the United States with job offers and confirmation about being selected. F1 visa is attached because I entered into the US as a student. I got information from other community that I cannot use this visa for reentry. My hiring agency ask about my visa but EAD from pending of Green Card is not visa. What can I call my current visa? I visited at i94 website. At there, what will be Class of Admission in this case? And will be Alien number used for my record here? Will Citizenship be remained as South Korea having permanent residence only with point of view about Admission record . Finally, through Canada with eTA, can I go through the border by using public transportation? My case is a NIW petition with master’s degree by myself without a sponsorship.

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