Samuel Darmoe
Feb 9, 2021
My case has been under actively reviewing since December 3, 2020 and up to now I haven't received any information from the National Benefits Center for my i130 form.
Mitch NKFeb 9, 2021
it might take up to 90 days
Olawale pelumiFeb 10, 2021
if in Texas,first make sure its over 60 days and call them,but right after you call,expect action,possibly check on you at home or do anything possible to deny you,they are really working hard this days
B minoMar 14, 2021
unfortunately z sounds about right due covid-19
Barbara OsamApr 15, 2021
my case took over a year just for a response
Maxine IhedoroJun 17, 2021
Goto the USCIS site. if you dont have a username password sign up and check your status there. If its enough i would call them

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