Mar 8, 2021
Moving affect interview waiver?
I filed I485 based on approved I140 EB2 NIW. I may want to move to another states but I have received and submitted medical which said “mail to us”. I guess it is a sign of interview waiver. If I can, I want to avoid interview because the processing time ahould be shorter without interview but should I wait the moving until got approved? Any thought?
no wayMar 8, 2021
mailing 693 doesn’t automatically mean interview waiver.. it is mostly likely to be waived but no guarantees.. if your case is currently at the NBC, i think it wouldnt matter if u move or not.. ideally, try not to move between states.. i did this and it triggered an rfe..
Y FMar 8, 2021
Thank you for your comment!! My lawyer did not submit I944 so anyways I will get RFE. Hope interview will be waived!

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