Atul Dwivedi
Jun 9, 2021
Medicals after Submitting AoS
Do anyone has experience or know a way to send the Medicals I693 without RFE as AoS was submitted without the Medicals
elvis aJun 9, 2021
if they don’t ask you to send it, Don’t send it. Usually they will send and RFE requesting you to send it, otherwise you have to bring it to the interview
Atul DwivediJun 9, 2021
thanks Elvis, anyone has experience sending Medicals w/o rfe
mims smmuJun 9, 2021
yes! I had the same question, as one of my friends didn’t get either combo card instead got their GC approved as they submitted the medical with their 485 application. i checked with my attorney and waiting for his response. EB based
elvis aJun 9, 2021
if you send it with you application from the beginning that’s ok. My attorney told me to wait for either an RFE for the medical or just bring it to the interview. I am not sure on just sending it without getting RFE. Hopefully someone can help you answer that
elvis aJun 9, 2021
For EB based usually they send the RFE but for marriage based usually you bring it to the interview, only if you didn’t submit at the beginning with the application packet
S PJun 9, 2021
I would not suggest sending out without rfe.. even if you might have sent out earlier with your application and the time elapsed in between is more than 6 months ..they wouldn’t be valid anyway and you would have to redo.. so if you haven’t and don’t get rfe either then probably just take it with you when u interview. that should suffice I believe
claire cJun 9, 2021
@mims smmu Getting the green card without combo isn’t dependent on whether they sent the medical with the original application. I got my GC and no combo and took my medical to the interview (MB).
N KJun 10, 2021
“inter file” to the same address you sent your 485 application to. Don’t wait for an RFE, especially if you’re a EB case. GL!
N cJun 30, 2021
Hi..Anyone tried sending i693 Medicals without getting RFE... any experience sharing would be so helpful! EB1 category NBC Texas...
Atul DwivediJul 28, 2021
heard about cases of successful of medical interfile is completed

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