lillll R
Nov 17, 2022
Local Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Company Interview
It was my first time taking a job interview in the States so there was a lot of parts that I was lacking in, admittedly. After turning in my resume there was a phone interview that lasted about 10 minutes. They asked me about my current visa status, why I chose to apply to work at their company, my previous work experiences, etc etc. After the phone interview, they arranged for an on-site interview. I just finished said interview, today. After a very, very short interview (???) with the HR manager, I had a much more lengthy interview lasting about 20 minutes with the manager of my relevant department. He asked me things like why I wanted to leave my previous job, my work experiences and skills, how I solved the hardest problem I've encountered in my last workplace, and what I knew about my new workplace and the products that they were manufacturing. After that, he took me on a short tour of the factory itself! He described the manufacturing processes inolved in the factory's daily operation and I asked him questions regarding what I thought were key points regarding these processes, to show that I had some expertise in the work involved and that I was very interested in what the company was doing. I believe they took my questions in a very positive light. Once I returned from the factory tour, the manager asked me questions like the earliest time I could start working or what kind of salary I expect. The HR Manager asked me similar questions when he returned too. The HR Manager sent me away later, after telling me that I should expect a response soon.

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