Grass Hopper
Jun 23, 2022
Lawyer non responsive
I have done more work than my lawyer, its been really hard yo reach her and my NVC stage has been pending her review for almost 2 weeks I got everything ready to her 2 weeks ago .. Please advise .. I already paid her for her work but she hasnt done it yet
Stephen KissiJun 23, 2022
sry to hear… but u were supposed to agree on a payments plan w ur lawyer n have it fully paid when all is done.
Rup kaurJun 23, 2022
mine is already done case in nvc in stuck for 6 months
Mo TaJun 24, 2022
I feel you! I’m sorry. I faced same with H1B lawyer, she was terrible! that’s why I’m doing GC myself!
Ibenegbu InnocentJun 24, 2022
Mine is still on NVC process , told my lawyer if I can get a sponsor through so that I’ll pay him/her but she ain’t responding just cuz I’ve already paid her up
Jowi OchopoJun 24, 2022
Sorry to hear about your lawyer nightmares. unless you have a very complicated case, my advice is that you're better off doing it yourself. saves time and MONEY

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