aiyla A
Feb 3, 2023
what does it mean when you check the decision section and it says “card was delivered to me by the post office”?
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Stoosh MFeb 3, 2023
it means the card was delivered to you
aiyla AFeb 3, 2023
I mean like what does that card contains?
d dFeb 3, 2023
@aiyla whatever you filed for lol. your supposed to know
aiyla AFeb 3, 2023
I filed for I-129F and I have already recieved NOA1.
Chetan PhuyalFeb 3, 2023
when did you apply your case mine has same thing. I apply in December 2021
aiyla AFeb 3, 2023
so did you get anything in your mail yet? I applied November 2022
Chetan PhuyalFeb 3, 2023
no nothing yet
aiyla AFeb 3, 2023
oh ok do you think it’s decision rather it’s approval or denial ?
Jessica VFeb 4, 2023
You applied for a K-1 or I-485? If it is the fiancé visa, a sealed passport is what you should receive.
aiyla AFeb 4, 2023
@jessica yeah it’s the fiancé visa, but aren’t we supposed to get approved first.
eddy kFeb 4, 2023
you applied 90 days ago. currently it takes around 450 days for the decision. it must be some sort of a glitch with your status.
aiyla AFeb 4, 2023
yeah I thought so too lol

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