soma Khanra
Sep 25, 2021
Job switching after I-485
I am thinking about job switching. i have applied for green card(I-485) on the beginning of september. currently I am on O1 Visa. After how long time , I can switch job. Thank you in advance for help!
sonal cSep 25, 2021
if eb1a then no problem if employer sponsored then after 6 months.
soma KhanraSep 25, 2021
its EB1-B
Ronald MaghanoySep 26, 2021
after 180 calendar days from submission of your pending I-485. prepare the I-485J if you port to new job.
soma KhanraSep 26, 2021
thank you Ronald!
choui dySep 27, 2021
@sonal c why 6 months? I cant find any solid data with this number. It seems to be an opinion of some immigration attorneys only?
Ronald MaghanoySep 27, 2021
go to USCIS website then find a form I485J and check special instructions.
sonal cSep 27, 2021
@choui this is for petitions like eb1b or eb2, yes this is opinion of lawyers.

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