Pradeep Rao
Jul 29, 2022
Job change after EB3 to EB3 upgrade and GC approval ?
Hi, My GC was approved with EB3 to EB2 upgrade. I continued with the petitioning company. I have now got a very good job offer from a leading company. It has been 3 months since GC approval. Can I move onto the new company or should I wait 6 months ? I do not want my naturalization impacted by any wrong move.
S BahrAug 25, 2022
6 months is related for I-130 not I-485! If you passed 6 months of approval of I-130 you’re free to go anywhere!
marinela likollariOct 2, 2022
how you find the job that sponsored you to get EB3 visa
Pradeep RaoOct 2, 2022
I was in the job already on H1 and they sponsored GC
marinela likollariOct 2, 2022
thank you
raj manjuOct 20, 2022
did you to new company

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