Jun 16, 2022
industrial engineering degree from other country
hello, I'm getting my industrial engineering degree from Colombia this year and I'm wondering how or what can I do to use it here in US.
Shaq KingJun 17, 2022
If you are familiar with coding, you can try to get a job like data analyst, data scientist, software engineer, etc.
H TXJun 17, 2022
Joe is right, process improvement / lean six sigma etc is another avenue to consider
M VJun 17, 2022
And can I just go look for a job in those areas or. they will make me validate my degree or do something first?
Espero para tiJun 22, 2022
They do make you validate it using services like SpanTran. It’s a quick process and should not deter their decision to hire you if you meet all their other requirements. You can keep this verification on hand to expedite future onboarding ( Google them!)

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