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Sep 23, 2022
NVC has requested for an i864A form, I am the sponsor petitioning for my husband. We currently both live in Turkey. Along with the form, documentation needs to be submitted, proof of citizenship, marriage and domicile. Who submits the proof the sponsor or the immigrant. If my husband has to provide proof, how does that working when he’s not a us citizen nor can he provide a domicile? I am a US citizen and if it’s my proof that’s needed then how do I show domicile if I currently live in Turkey?
Laman IsmayilovaSep 23, 2022
u should provide affidavit of support docs. i864A for joint sponsor,if u don’t have enough earnings. u should fill i864, domicile as bank account,or something that shows ur connection with USA. and ur citizenship certificate,passport
t bSep 23, 2022
when I submitted the i864 originally, my sister also did a joint sponsor for us. My form was accepted but hers needed additional documents. That why I’m thinking it’s asking for an i864a now because my sisters is still pending. When I submit the i864a can I submit my personal documents again because my husband doesn’t have the proof the nvc is requesting?
merve merveJan 4, 2023
@t b hello, I also live in Turkey with my husband. im the US citizen. how were you able to provide proof of domicile is US since you were lliving in Turkey too?
t bJan 4, 2023
@merve merve I didn’t provide domicile, but I did have a W2 from 2021 but since it didn’t have the required yearly amount my sister became a joint sponsor.
t bJan 4, 2023
eventually everything was accepted, I submitted an i864A for my husband but also the missing documents from my sister. 2 months later my sisters paperwork was all accepted and my i864A was deleted out the system and no longer needed.
merve merveJan 4, 2023
i haven't filed taxes since 2019 since im in Turkey. I will have a joint sponsor too. you think I should submit that? also did you get DQd on your first submission?
t bJan 17, 2023
@merve merve I’m sorry I just saw this, do you have any bank statements, I feel with that being more current it might help. I didn’t get DQd right away bc I missed one form for my sponsor but it was eventually accepted after I submitted it. I DQd November 9, 2022
merve merveJan 17, 2023
@t b I think I will be sending in my drivers license from US. it has my maiden last name but I suppose thats okay. which sponsor document did you miss I'm in that process🙏 also is your husband Turkish? if so which military document did he upload? thanxxx

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