Maria Olvera
Jan 15, 2022
Does anyone know if i can renew my i765 or do i need to go to a lawyer?
ricka mcJan 15, 2022
you can do it by yourself especially if you have a pending i485 its free
Maria OlveraJan 15, 2022
Thank you!
hawk hawkJan 15, 2022
@ricka mc free? my lawyer is charging me 1k to renew my work permit.
Maria OlveraJan 15, 2022
@hawk hawk wow thats insane.... 1k thats just too much my lawyer charges $200 and if i can do it myself why pay someone else.
ricka mcJan 15, 2022
@hawk hawk he trapping its free with your i485 and the form is easy to fill out you can do it yourself
Maria OlveraJan 15, 2022
Thank you @ricka mc I order my form online since not everyone can do it online ill have to do it by mail and ill get it from 7-10 days.. You are a life saver. Most lawyers want to take advantage. My lawyer said i could apply to early she said 30 days before it expires but on the website its says no more than 180days before it expires.
ricka mcJan 15, 2022
@maria Olvera you can just print the form off the internet yourself just type in i765 form and you just print them off and fill them out yourself submit the supporting documents and make sure to put 2 passport pictures and your receipt from your i485 pending application

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