asma asma
Jan 26, 2024
I751 finally approved
Finally I received “New card being produced” message yesterday. I was checking the status like crazy every 10 mins and yesterday I decided to give my phone to my husband to stop checking case status and getting stressed out and he received the text :-) from USCIS and lawfully notification. Service center is Vermont center and my case was received on Dec 13 2021. I did not apply N400 yet.
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Bola JJan 26, 2024
congratulations to you still waiting for my too, am happy for you
asma asmaJan 26, 2024
thank you @Bola J , hopefully u would get it soon too. when is your PD?
breezy jJan 26, 2024
interview scheduled 🤦‍♂️
asma asmaJan 26, 2024
@breezy j , do u have interview scheduled to i751?
NVC NEWJan 27, 2024
Thanks for sharing. I did it on the App "Inmigra USA" the community of Immigrants in the United States. There are immigration lawyers and free collaborators. Stay up to date on news of interest to the Latino community. Search Inmigrate USA. I chose the Florida community, it looks like they are starting now, so I recommend you choose Florida. Busca inmigra USA el app del inmigrante, de verdad es muy buena tambien. Thanks!!!
Bola JJan 27, 2024
March 2021
choon tJan 30, 2024
breezy jJan 31, 2024
@asma asma yes !!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
tory kFeb 1, 2024
congrats! mine was received on June 1st 2022 and I am still waiting :( hoping to get it approved by this June..

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