Syed Mohsin Ali Rizvi
Dec 8, 2022
My case was transferred to NBC in October 2022 and currently as per the live chat I got to know that my case has been transferred to Santa Ana FO for interview waiver. Not exactly sure since my FO is supposed to be Chicago and my PD is May 2020. Any idea how long will it take to get an interview scheduled or approval?
Jado AlioDec 8, 2022
I’m in a similar boat, was at NBC & now at field office as of August, no interview or approval yet, but its a good sign, means ur case moving well in the adjudication process
Syed Mohsin Ali RizviDec 8, 2022
Thank you for commenting just wondering how long will it take them to adjudicate considering they transferred to Santa Ana Field office
cristian millanDec 11, 2022
any updates on this for any of you? mine has been transferred to another office this week
Syed Mohsin Ali RizviDec 12, 2022
so far I have not received any further updates the case status page shows a different status compared to when you check the status with the live chat option
Syed Mohsin Ali RizviDec 12, 2022
as per the timeline the 485 applications for last fiscal year took an average of 11 months

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