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Mar 3, 2024
I140- Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS
Hi, I applied for I140 (EB2-NIW) via a reputable firm. I got first status on USCIS website as "Case Was Received" on Nov 13, 2023. Then, on Dec 22, 2023 I get this status "Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS". Since, then, I haven't seen any progress. My processing center is Nebraska. Is there anyone else who has or had the same scenario like me? Did you get approved after that (EB2-NIW)? After how much time you got approval? I am worried and stressed out because of it as all my friends who applied for EB2-NIW, they got approved after case was received. Waiting for replies. Thank you in advance. #EB2-NIW #140 #CaseIsBeingActivelyReviewedByUSCIS
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kar CMar 3, 2024
I have almost same dates, Nov15 and then December something. no status changes since then. I’m also I “Case is being actively reviewed…” I think there’s nothing to worry, first because as you can see on the website it can take up to 10 months (last time I checked), and second because it depends on the case, the person reviewing, etc. and as you said some get their cases checked in 120-190 days (less than 45 if expedited), but also you can see people reaching 6-10months waiting. I guess, we have to wait, don’t be worried or stressed, this is a long way, some are just luckier or some have easier cases and get answers faster. I’m also crossing fingers for my case, I’m on ~110 days waiting.

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