Biplav Chh
Jun 10, 2022
i130 case received 2yrs ago but not reviewed yet
Hi all, I filed i130 for my wife about 2 yrs ago. I am LPR and service center is California. When I check the case status, it still shows this message -" Case was received and a receipt was sent". It still has not gone to the case review state yet. Can a case be approved without going to the review state?
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Jasmin AhmedJun 10, 2022
Yes, it can. Oftentimes, it gets approved the same day it says active review.
Biplav ChhJun 10, 2022
ok thanks
General 1Jun 10, 2022
same here PD 07/07/2020 no any changing yet
Sahil jJun 10, 2022
when did u applied ?
Biplav ChhJun 11, 2022
I applied on 6/22/2020
Sahil jJun 11, 2022
sooon …i saw two approvals exactly after 2 years …on probably around 24-25 june u willl get approval 😊
ali khanJun 14, 2022
I am still waiting for I 30 applied in August 4 2020on California service center
Biplav ChhJun 14, 2022
@ali Khan - I applied 2 months before you. There is no other option except to wait.
Sahil jJun 14, 2022
does anybody uses uscis (case tracker ) app ?
Sahil jJun 21, 2022
@Biplav chhh did u got approval ?
Sahil jJun 21, 2022
@ Biplab chh i m asking u coz its already 2 years nd so many approvals excatly after two years
Biplav ChhJun 22, 2022
@sahil - no. But interesting thing is I moved to a new place and when I updated my address, the case went to review.
Sahil jJun 22, 2022
@ Biplav chhh …u know wht might be u willl get approval tomorrow or on 23 …its not coz of changing address might be its already 2 years nd i have seen couple of approvals excatly after two years …or try to check ur document section …may be approval is already there 😄
Biplav ChhJun 22, 2022
@sahil- yes you are correct. There was i130 approval notice. Looks like 1 year is a waiting period.
Sahil jJun 22, 2022
@Biplav did u already got approval ?
Biplav ChhJun 23, 2022
yes Sahil
Sahil jJun 23, 2022
@ Biplav chh i m so happpy for u 🎊🎊🎊congratulations now waiting on my turn 🙏🏻
Biplav ChhJun 24, 2022
thx and good luck

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