Bibizeenat Hassas
Jun 12, 2021
my analysis shows that my rank is 26 out of 62. What does it mean?
Mrs. IkeJun 12, 2021
this is a good question. I don't know how they determine this...
G BJun 13, 2021
I believe it means that you are the 26th person in line for the month you submitted your application and service center. This number only includes people who registered on this app though so it's not a full accurate picture of your place in line. Also as we have often seen, USCIS does not often process in the order received.
Bibizeenat HassasJun 13, 2021
G B .. Thank you
Mrs. IkeJun 13, 2021
thanks @G B. So, I guess it does not even necessarily mean that it's an accurate reflection of our place in the queue...We submitted May 5, and it shows us at 51/84.

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