Patrick Farris
Nov 18, 2022
I got the job I wanted, but I only feel depressed
Hello. It's been two years since I got my dream job after a long education in the United States. It's a place that I always wanted to work in, but ever since I actually entered it, I've felt like I've reached the limits of my ability and the only thing increasing these days seem to be my stress. The big ambition and goals I've set for myself is nowhere to be found and I can only come face to face with my own tired, lifeless eyes in the mirror. My job is an engineering-related research position. When I was going through my doctorate, the research was difficult, but also quite enjoyable. Now that I am in a corporation, however, I feel a wholly different kind of pressure to get results no matter what. I am scared of seeing my own co-workers so I spend my workdays keeping to myself, and while this is probably just all in my head, I feel like my co-workers are all being acknowledged for their abilities and progress made while I am always just on the outskirts. I feel like the only way to improve the situation would be to produce results, so I am working hard, but I'm getting more and more tired in both body and soul every day. I was wondering if there were others in similar situation as me, and if they have any tips for reducing needless emotional burdens.
Yana YanaNov 18, 2022
I suggest talking to a specialist.
juju blankeNov 19, 2022
sounds like depression.. I would consult a therapist..
N WWJan 15, 2023
Make sure you leave work at work and put in some me time after work and on weekends. Cater to the other aspects of your life: social, get friends, go out; spiritual, join a church or spiritual entity; psychological, go to the gym or yoga; emotional, make a family and have fun. Trust me, this works!

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