evr denis
3 days ago
i feel like no enployment based green cards are getting approved anymore
is it just me or do you guys also not see any EB category getting approved these days? this unnecessary wait is killing me. i feel like i lost hope after Oct 1 again.
m s3 days ago
I hear you. I check incessantly my status. Godspeed to all of us
A K3 days ago
its not only you, i shared a thread yesterday to see other applicants and we all in same boat. be patient and hope for the best. im waiting more than 3 years now :/
ameritrade84 Spice3 days ago
don t lose your hope, my eb2 was approved this month, with I485 filled in May 2021 (perm filled in Sept 2021) Row tx
evr denis3 days ago
3 years here too. Perm was filed in Nov 2018😭😭 ameritrade- congrats and thx for the support
A K3 days ago
i see eb2 cases getting approved really fast, looks like eb3 is abondoned

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