Wolf Khan
Apr 14, 2023
#I-751 #Waiver #wac
My status changed to My Card Was Mailed to Me now how long it’s gonna take to get delivered??
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Jay AyleApr 14, 2023
@Wolf Khan did you get the tracking number? if not you can ask Emma agent they will give it to you and you can track your card.
Wolf KhanApr 14, 2023
@Jay Ayle No they have not provided any tracking number. Emma takes forever to respond.
Jay AyleApr 14, 2023
@Wolf Khan how you do on Emma? they always had being fast for me! when you go to Emma chat write “Talk with live agent” and just follow the steps and would be fast! I had being connected with a live agent in like 3-5 min
Jay AyleApr 14, 2023
@Wolf Khan the gave me the tracking number for my card before it said card was mailed
rich hdezApr 14, 2023
2 week to get home
kl asApr 15, 2023
they always sent the tracking code for you to check it.
🖕 USCISApr 15, 2023
check the website in two days and it will say the card was picked up by usps with a tracking #
Mark NgApr 20, 2023
Can we know your timeline? When did you file your I-751?
Wolf KhanApr 20, 2023
@Mark Ng I filled my I 751 in May 2021. then in September 2022 my lawyer requested to convert my case to Waiver because I was getting divorce from my ex spouse. in November 2022 I got RFE from USCIS and they were asking for final divorce decree and other joint supporting documents. I responded to RFE on March 2023 and my cas got approved on April 12th 2023. My GC got delivered on April 18th 2023.
M KApr 21, 2023
May I know what other joint docs they were expecting from you

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