The Rock
Apr 8, 2023
I-751 Filed Jointly - Updated to Divorce Waiver- No Interview - Approved
Hello everybody. First, I am so grateful to God and my family for helping me in toughest time of my life - I got my 10yr GC. My intention of this post is to be helpful and help alleviate someone’s anxiety/pain. I am going to document all the things I went through so that if you are in a similar situation you can take this as input in your case. Every case is different but I am laying it out all so hopefully this helps. I did a ton of research and had a lawyer review and file the interfile request (an update to already files I-751 and Not a new I-751). I am so blessed not to have gone through the stress of interview. I think the evidence submitted was enough of USCIS to make a decision - something I had hoped for. Long story short: My wife decided that she no longer wanted a life together and filed for divorce without telling me. After almost 5 yr of being together, she was out in 5 days from the day she told me. No warnings no discussion no fights. She was dating someone else within weeks even before the divorce was finalized. God bless her soul - she did support and write an affidavit for me as did her parents as all were taken by surprise with her decision. I was devastated and heartbroken and I am still rebuilding myself - for better now. We send a package with total 133 pages. But here is the list of documents I had filed that showed both of our names (proofs from the time we have filed Jointly in 6/21 till the divorce finalized 7/22) Timeline: 11/2017 Marriage Date 06/2021 I-751 Joint Petition Filed (LIN - Nebraska) 07/2021 I-797 confirming the receipt of I-751 and extending my green card for 18 months. 09/2021 I-797 informing that it not necessary for bio-metrics as they already have them 10/2021: I-797 extending my green card for 24 months. 06/2022 Wife filed for Divorce (No Fault - Irreconcilable differences) 07/2022 Divorce Judgment Signed (Not Contested) 08/2022 I-751 Divorce Waiver Interfile Request Delivered (FedEx) 11/16/2022 Service Request for Tier 2 (Requested a confirmation on my interfiling request) through Emma - chat with agent. 03/12/2023 Online Inquiry on USCIS for outside Normal Processing. 03/14/2023 New Card is Being Produced 03/15/2023 Case is Approved 03/29/2023 Card Was Mailed to Me 03/31/2023 Card Was Delivered to Me By The Post Office Documents Submitted: 1 Joint Bank Checking Account Statements 2 Credit Cards - Authorised User 3 IRS Filed Tax Returns - Filed Jointly 4 Medical Insurance - Dependent 5 Dental Insurance - Dependent 6 Life Insurance Plan - Beneficiary 7 Auto Car Insurance 8 Auto Car Registration 9 Home Rental Insurance 10 Utility Bill - Gas, Water & Sewer 11 Rental Lease Agreement 12 401K Beneficiary 13 Other Proofs - Coscto membership 14 Foster Parents Certification 15 Travel Trips, Pictures etc In addition I got affidavits from mentioned that they all were sad and surprised to hear about the divorce and supported me: My Ex-Wife, Ex-Mother-in-law & Ex-Father-in-law, My Parents, My Friend and Her Friend. I did submit a request through Emma online agent chat for my update on 11/16/2022 - for which I was supposed to be contacted by Tier 2 but never was until 04/4/2023 with that there was no update. I also submitted online inquiry for beyond normal processing on 3/12/2023 and got a reply on 3/28/2023 that the case was already approved. I will be around here for week or so monitoring this and helping anyone answer any questions before I move on and will prob join back when I file my N400. Hope this helps someone, my heart goes to all in pain of divorce and wish for peace and for everyone’s success. "This too shall pass"...

Petition to remove conditions on residence

Total Days: 653 days
653 Days
Nebraska Service Center: I-751
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Submission to USCIS
Biometrics, i.e. fingerprint and photo
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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favor me👩🏽‍💼Apr 8, 2023
congratulations 🎉
I IApr 8, 2023
Big congrats. Thanks for sharing
Rocco FortéApr 8, 2023
Congratulations and great job you did. Very thorough m.
baris kurtApr 8, 2023
32 .Apr 8, 2023
@ the rock congrats ...thanks for sharing and can u please confirm after you got divorce decree in hand .then you updated for i-751 form as a waiver ???
The RockApr 8, 2023
Hi 32 yes that is correct. I filed to convert I-751 to divorce waiver as after I had the divorce decree in hand. It really depends on the location/state on how long the court/judge takes I called in the court clerk and was told that it was averaging only a few weeks if uncontested and both parties have already agreed. So I decided to wait and file it when I had the judgement in hand than rather file and then respond to the rfe. I would suggest talking to a lawyer anyways.
only meApr 9, 2023
@therock Hi! did you submit all the prove of bonafide marriage together with your divorce decree when you requested to be converted to divorce waiver?
The RockApr 9, 2023
Hey only me. Yes I submitted all the proof along with the divorce decree - as per my lawyer we made the best possible application so that they did not have any additional things they could raise an RFE for and it worked.
only meApr 10, 2023
wonderful! thank you for your information @therock!! congratulations 🎉
The RockApr 10, 2023
Hi Moe still. There was absolutely no communication from USCIS on my request to update the application. It is like a black box, I even raised the service request via Emma for it but it was never addressed. So the only update I got finally was that the case was approved. There is no way of knowing that they actually converted my application to divorce waiver except to raise a foia according to my lawyer. I even contacted Emma live agent again after approval to ask them and was given a reply that USCIS considers all the application and updated before making a decision and they have no way of confirming that. So that is what it is, as per my lawyer I did everything right and have the proof of the FedEx delivery for the application received by USCIS. So I'm just trusting this and will apply for my N400 when I become eligible.
Adam 1617Apr 10, 2023
great and appreciate your response.. congratulations again 🙏

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