Areli ps
Jul 22, 2021
I-485 expedite?
Hi I expedited my travel permission in June and they told me it would be on hold until I would get bios. I got bios on July 12th in ASC Indianapolis after 9 months of my PD: Oct 6, 2020. Yesterday I tried to take back the expedite for travel permission since the status still says: “expedite request received” so they give me a new number. Today I see the update that they received my expedite request but in the form I-485. Is that normal? Will I have any issue if that form appears like I am trying to expedite it? Any experience about I-485 expedite can help me. Thanks in advance
J PJul 22, 2021
Is your country in the travel ban list where you need to quarantine 14 days before returning? It could be that as the only way to skip the quarantine is having a green card.
Lynn MeyerJul 23, 2021
congrats. what do you mean by take back the expedit?

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