Ace 24
Feb 21, 2024
I-485 at local field office I-601 at nbc
talk to a few different live agents and they are telling me my interview has been waived and my i-485 is at my local field office and my I-601 is at nbc. my I-485 and I-130 were filed together in Jan 2023 and my I-601 filed about 6 months ago. I received a RFE for the I-485 in March of 2023 and responded right away for my birth certificate which my lawyer has already sent them and it’s still showing response to rfe received. my I-765 is still showing case was received. I just wanted to see if anyone knows what it means when they send your I-485 to your field office, I never received any notification that they transferred my case from NBC where it was originally. Also does NBC generally process I-601 waivers or will that also get transferred if so how long does I-601 waivers take to complete?
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estrella lopezFeb 21, 2024
how u talk to them when u talk the said server is busy ?
Ace 24Feb 21, 2024
@estrella lopez when you speak to Emma you have to keep asking for “live agent”
Jhoe 🇳🇬Mar 20, 2024
please did you send the 601 to your field office or the NBC?
Ace 243d
@Jhoe 🇳🇬 you don’t get to choose where it goes it typically goes to nbc then they send it to your field office who will then make the decision on it
Jhoe 🇳🇬1d
@Ace 24 but my 601 came in as an rfe is it still going to nbc ? even though they requested it as an rfe

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