waqar anjum
Jun 12, 2021
my Pd is 27 oct 2020 I have got a notification by this app( case is eligible for a inquiry to uscis) is this true ??
G BJun 13, 2021
What service center? Just give it a go on the USCIS website. If it works then it was eligible. Good luck!
waqar anjumJun 13, 2021
online shows Nebraska but mailed receipt texas
Fathei abdurabJun 13, 2021
me too it was like that but it is as receipt I think all pd online begin processing in nebraska
G BJun 13, 2021
If your application is I-130 F2A, then Texas SC are processing Nov 15, 2020 cases right now so please do try to submit the inquiry ASAP.
XhoXh xhJun 13, 2021
i made inquiry after my case was eligible for inquiry. online nebraska..receipt from texas. pd 30 oct 2020

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