Simryl Sandi
Mar 6, 2024
i-130 and I-485
I filled my I-130 and I-485 in March 2023 it’s still shows case was received and notice was sent 🤦🏾‍♂️ Anyone going through the same ??
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D MMar 6, 2024
Same here 😟
w sMar 6, 2024
my 130 is like that. my 485 shows active review but NOBODY IS ACTIVELY REVIEWING IT 😂
Simryl SandiMar 6, 2024
K ZMar 7, 2024
same march here no updates
Marie LMar 7, 2024
🙋‍♀️March 27th 2023 no one pays attention to the March beneficiaries 😂😂
ed timeMar 7, 2024
same here… no updates ☝🏽 March 20/23
G M M Mar 7, 2024
same here , April 2023 . no updates in my 130
MdJ Guzman Mar 7, 2024
My husband has a legal entry and I'm a citizen, uscis received my i130 and i485 on 11/22/2021, still under review 😏
kay kayMar 7, 2024
@MdJ Guzman Ur case is under background check. Cases that takes longer time, 90% of such cases are under background and security check.
MdJ Guzman Mar 7, 2024
@kay kay good to know. Thank you!
Simryl SandiMar 7, 2024
I literally check my lawful app , my uscis account and my usps informed delivery everyday 🤦🏾‍♂️
Simryl SandiMar 7, 2024
there’s nothing like review or actively reviewing on any of my cases it just shows received and it’s been 364 days already 🥹
Naomi GMar 7, 2024
March 27- it was stuck on "under review " for 8 months . It has now updated to 2 months to decision as of last week..... taking it all with a grain of salt 🫣🤓

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