Angelia B
Jun 3, 2023
How long did it take you for your I130 to move out of the "recieved and being actively reviewed" part of the process?
Mine hasn't moved out of recieved for 9 months. And when it does, can I expect to see a new date somewhere?
roro April 2022Jun 3, 2023
@Angelia B my husband applied I-130 for me on Oct/12/2021 and it went into actively reviewed for the first time on Feb/10/2023 since that time I don’t see any other updates my I-485 status is RFE received 😟
g kJun 3, 2023
I been waiting for about over month now after it went to ‘actively review’. still waiting
ray Q8Jun 3, 2023
my case actively reviewed since 11/01/2022
Lorena DuncanJun 3, 2023
same i only see udpates in my I-485
Slammz DJun 3, 2023
Active review February 2021, approved December 2021. stand alone I- 130
I BJun 3, 2023
mine took 12 months
Angelia BJun 3, 2023
thanks. I'm new here and just found my post again. This process is so very confusing. I despise how we are all left in the dark. Why can't they inform us what date they last put eyes or analysis on our paperwork? I feel like my paperwork has sat on a desk being "actively reviewed" for the last 9 months.
Angelia BJun 14, 2023
ok.. so it just sits there stating "actively reviewd" since your recieved date?

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