May 9, 2022
How does a victim win vs the other or the one who is not and what makes anyone a victim? How is your name or time slandered? Who is able to settle anything for you?
How is your justice providing relief for your home as a family or head of the household? What examples is law enforcements leaving in your relationship as you live each day until you don't depending on their response to fulfill their cause and effect? Are all people good or are some not and who identifies these differences? Who do you trust or take advantage of? What is law and enforcements for? What language is your law enforcement justifying or providing? Why would the civilian be a hero vs your law enforcer today? Why would you have a bad day? Why would you not have a good day? What does any law hold against you? Who do you work for or go home too and why? Why would COVID 19 be a crime or relief and for whom? How does anyone stay safe today? Does a culprit live better than you do? What is your identity? How much is your law enforcement worth? How does anyone respond to a victims life? When or how does anyone heal from any sufficient damages or when does it expire? What is your sport or ethical result? What relationship belongs with yours? šŸŒž

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