Shelly Belly
Dec 8, 2022
Hoping someone can help me with this
My daughter is applying for college. We over stayed our B1/B2. visa before I married my US citizen husband. We both have a work permit, our I-130 is approved and our I-485 is still pending. Her college application is asking what visa is she/we on and they want proof of it. What would our visa status/ category be ?
joques mercyDec 8, 2022
did you file I-485 for her too?
Shelly BellyDec 8, 2022
yes for us both. Both are pending but i130 approved
Benedict AcheampongDec 8, 2022
I’m also in a similar situation. your visa category haven’t changed until your I 485 gets approved. and what that means is that she can’t school with government sponsorship. I was advised by the school’s correspondence department to wait until I get approved to avoid incurring paying out of pocket. that’s how far I know
Shelly BellyDec 8, 2022
thank you so much @benedict 🙂 this entire process is really tiresome and draining

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