s k
Nov 21, 2022
hi guys I have a question
I wanted to expedited for my work permit for humanitarian reason but my lawyer said I can’t bc my case was in court before and I had deportation and he told me I can’t expedite for anything but my husband work is not enough to pay the bills and ours appointment rent goes up and me and my husband and my 2 kids are in 1 bedroom it’s so hard for us. if I expedite request by myself it would approve? anyone the same case?


Under HRIFA, Indochinese Adjustment Act, Legal Immigration and Family Equity Act, Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness, or NACARA

Total Days: 262 days
262 Days
National Benefits Center: I-485
Timeline Map
Priority Date
Submission to USCIS
Biometrics, i.e. fingerprint and photo
Request for Evidence(RFE) from USCIS
Response to RFE
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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Go Green 2014Nov 22, 2022
I think you should expedite. Call 1 800 number and request expedite... sometimes they are approving the expedite without asking any evidence...there is no harm in trying
s kNov 22, 2022
oh okay thank you I will try
Jenn PNov 23, 2022
I am also in removal proceedings but I do not have a removal order so my situation is different but I just wanna say this I applied for adjustment of status march 2022 I was told by many lawyers that I shouldn’t file for green card until I was done with the court but I didn’t listen I still applied and I requested expedite 3 times for my work permit the first 2 times was denied and the third time they asked me for proof of financial hardship I sent all of our past due bills and sent a letter explaining that I’m now pregnant my husband income can not cover everything plus I can’t drive to my doctors appointment because I can’t get a drivers license without the ead after couple days of receiving my documents my ead was approved but travel documents was denied and in the denial letter they said that they denied it because I’m in removal proceedings so now my lawyer is trying to get my case dismissed before I get an interview so that I can get my green card approved. hope this helps good luck 🍀
s kNov 23, 2022
Masaki obey yes judge closed my case from court that’s why I applied for green card but my lawyer told me I can’t expedite for my work permit bc my case was in court 😢I think my lawyer is lazy he doesn’t want to do it I will do by myself.
s kNov 23, 2022
god’s plan: thank you so much, my case was closed by judge court and he approved my case and I just applied for green card ,work permit and travel documents ,I should expedite by myself maybe my lawyer don’t want to expedite for me

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