Appu Sree
Feb 2, 2021
HELP - Stock Market for Temporary Worker
Hi When I was in my H1B visa, I bought some shares and didn't sold..Now my H1B is completed and changed my Visa status to H4. Since H4 is not supposed to generate income in US, will it be OK for me to sell the shares now or I need to wait for my EAD/GC get approved? Any help will be greatly appreciated
Brady007 Brady007Feb 2, 2021
you should be fine! worst case scenario you invested when you had valid visa—so you can explain, anyway it shouldn’t matter!!!
Nallavanukku NallavanFeb 2, 2021
you do not need a visa for passive investment. you can buy and sell stocks even on a tourist visa. you can ev n invest in rental properties, so long as you are not actively managing them. Passive investment has nothing to do with your work authorization.
Appu SreeFeb 2, 2021
Thank u both 😌

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