santos Gautam
Mar 5, 2021
health insurance during the process
I filed 485 for my parent on July 2020 and this year I bought a insurance through market place they gave me conditional health insurance for my parent while my case was pending . now after three month they asking SSN number other wise they told me that they will cancel health insurance . how can we get SSN number until unless uscis approved and send combo card. are there any body same boat I do t know what to do beside loosing insurance I being almost 9 month now my pd date was 07/01/2020 no ead yet
j2020 /21Mar 5, 2021
good question
blessed meMar 5, 2021
I was in the same boat two years ago. I had signed up for insurance in nyc. they did told me that. but I told them my papers are in process. so they asked me to send a copy of my i485 receipt and then they wil wait till whenever I get my ssn. I think it’s just to show that the ssn is in process. you can call them and see .
Neyda L.Mar 5, 2021
I was on that boat this year. My husband (USC) and I got health insurance, and they kept asking for documents for my residency status. I had already sent the 797 (which is allowed as a support document), so I talked to them and the agent advised me to add a letter to my documentation. In that letter I explained my timeline in the most precise and direct way I could, showing marriage certificate and every document that could support my case. They stopped sending mails requesting for documents.

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