Aketa Patel
Jul 9, 2021
H1B to EAD
I am on H1B and received GC EAD. I got an job offer but employer won’t do H1b transfer. Is it safe to take a job on GC EAD and discontinue H1B ?
jim herJul 9, 2021
P PJul 9, 2021
If you use your EAD andyour GC application is denied you would have to leave the country because you would be out of status. If you remain on H1B status you can stay in the country while you figure something out. That's the only difference.
naveen raoJul 9, 2021
is it ok to change job for senior position different salary while waiting for 485?
jim herJul 9, 2021
here’s my understanding. if your application has an approved I140 and it’s been 6 months since you filed you can leave. you can file an i485j to let uscis know. or you don’t file it and just take the form with you at the time of interview or you may get lucky and get your interview waived, which seems to be the case with a lot of employment based green cards

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