poppy usa
May 13, 2022
guys !How much longer for EAD to be approved?
Hi guys , I been waiting for my EAD to be approved my case received date is June 21 2021 , almost 11 months at NBC . i did expedite on March 22 2022 got expedite request received and no ask for additional evidence. i did call and call only said I have to wait . i been waiting for 52 days and today my case has changed to expedite request received again how weird?!!! i can’t believe it . and the trier agent told me to sent off expedite letter and evidence to proof financial loss to po.box at nbc I did almost a week still no response. anybody have an idea 💡? please and thank you 🙏🏽 ( I was in removal before)
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D BMay 13, 2022
just have to wait. I hope it’s soon for you
Sa maMay 13, 2022
after 30 days you should’ve heard something I would call again and tell them your expedited request didn’t receive a decision the will follow with the officer and you’ll get a decision
poppy usaMay 13, 2022
@D B thanks 🙏🏽 @Sa ma I will try again tomorrow hope it works really tried of these processing time and thank you for your advice
R MJun 3, 2022
any luck with your EAD?

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