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Dec 8, 2022
green card reeplacement
I lost my green card few months ago, I thought it was misplaced and looked for it everywhere, after I lost my hope of finding it I decided to ask for a replacement, I filled out online and included a picture of my residency (front only, I didn’t have a picture of the back of it) my state ID and a copy of the letter that came with the recidency the first time I got it. for my sorprice my case was approved only witting 3 days! I’m thrilled!! had I known that I would have applied before.

Initial issuance or replacement

Total Days: 3 days
3 Days
Potomac Service Center: I-90
Timeline Map
Submission to USCIS
Decision (Approval or Denial)
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Sak pase Nap bouleDec 8, 2022
Wow Unbelievable Congratulations
Mira RydstromDec 15, 2022
Did you receive the receipt notice within 3 days or did they produce your new card already? I filed the same form on Dec 6th - received the receipt notice so far, trying to figure out the current processing time from start to finish
i cDec 17, 2022
I filled out online, the same day I got the receipt notice and the letter for the fingerprints (online), in the mail I got them like 4 days later, but I monitored the status of my account online and the 3rd day it changed to card is being produced, that was on December 6th, and on Dec 14th I got the card on the mail. did you include the letter thy came with your original green card to expedite your process?

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