Bibi Thanh Tran
May 18, 2023
Got 10 years green card after Citizenship interview but N-400 case is being actively reviewed
I checked my USCIS account shows my I-751 was approved and card was mailed to me, but on this timeline my I-751 shows reuse my biometric fingerprints. I passed Citizenship tests on Feb 2023, but my case is being actively reviewed. Anyone have a same problem? #Citizenship #EAD
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sayed MMay 18, 2023
congratulations, did you receive any RFE for your i751?
Bibi Thanh TranMay 18, 2023
I received RFE for N-400. they requested me evidences for my marriage because I entered US by K1 visa, got 2 years greencard and I-751 pending. When I applied I-751 form, I didn't include enough evidence. After 1 months Receiving my Evidences, my 10 years GC was approved đź‘Ś
John SmithJul 5, 2023
Hi @Bibi Thanh Tran, can you share your timeline for your case, please?
Bibi Thanh TranJul 6, 2023
@Nic B Applied I-751: Nov 18th 2021 Biometric reuse Applied: N400 Dec 20th 2022 Interview N400 Feb 3rd 2023, after passed Civic test, officer interviewed i-751 Decision: May 17th 2023, received 10 years GC. in my state, almost we got 10 year GC very slow.
John SmithJul 6, 2023
@Bibi Thanh Tran I would hope this would go faster. The previous administration creating a mess for us and the new one not doing anything about it… I don’t think it will get better over time. I applied last month, got my biometrics reused and now waiting…. I’m hesitant to apply for the n-400 next year. I read a lot of comments saying that it takes longer to get anything done…
John SmithJul 6, 2023
@Bibi Thanh Tran thank you for sharing
Bibi Thanh TranJul 6, 2023
@Nic B I got biometric reuse after a month and wait forever no update. hopefully you applied with enough evidences they will be faster.
John SmithJul 6, 2023
@Bibi Thanh Tran thank you! hopefully! I provided more than 150 pages of documents so I don’t know what else I could have used.
Bibi Thanh TranJul 6, 2023
Submit proof that you have been married and living in marital union with your spouse for the three (3) years prior to filing your N-400.Evidence may include, but is not limited to the following: Bills or receipts showing the names and addresses of both you and your spouse; A current letter from your employer and your spouse', S employer, reflecting position(s) occupied, date(s) employment commenced, claimed marital status, designated health and life insurance beneficiary, the name of the person listed to contact in case of emergency, and the date on which the employer was given this information; Documentation from your bank indicating joint accounts, including cancelled checks showing that both you and your spouse used the account(s) held by you and your spouse; Birth certificates of your children, listing your name and the name of your U.S. citizen spouse; • Leasefrental/ mortgage agreements showing both you and your spouse on the document Any other evidence you wish to submit, this is RFE I received after interview. you can follow these documents, hopefully you applied enough to be approved soon

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