Klau S
Jan 31, 2022
GC will be delivered today - out for deliver
Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service On January 28, 2022, the Post Office picked up mail containing your new card for Receipt Number MSC199******** We mailed your card to the address you gave us. The tracking number assigned is 92055901*********. THIS IS MY TIMELINE: DACA holder since 2013 Advance parole and enter thru JFK 12/2015 ARRIVING ALIEN- USCIS HAS JURISDICTION OVER ARRIVING ALIEN Submitted i-130 May 2019 Submitted i-485 September 2019 My case was transfer to another office that had jurisdiction over me Oct 2019 NYC Federal Plaza Removal proceedings as of Sep 2019 ( asylum case pending since 2016) - Closed Interview :Nov 29 2021 i-485 Approved 01/25/22 i-130 approved 01/26/22 Card was mailed 01/27/22 Card received 01/31/22 My card came with my new surname My lawyer will make a motion with the immigration judge to dismissed my removal proceedings case. It should be fast because it is just pro forma. No decision has to be made.
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luffy chopperJan 31, 2022
when was your case approved??
Klau SJan 31, 2022
Jan 25th
Rey FernJan 31, 2022
how soon after your fingerprints did you have your interview?
sasi satJan 31, 2022
when was your interview?? congratulations
momo momoJan 31, 2022
@ Klau S congratulations what is your field office
Klau SFeb 1, 2022
check my timeline

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