queens Q
Jun 2, 2023
Finally got my son I130 approved
thalia laureanoJun 2, 2023
June 2022Jun 2, 2023
@queens Q Congratulations, what is your PD date and which services Center.
My RockJun 3, 2023
@queens Q Congrats. I really wish to know what is next after this approval. My USC wife recently filed for my twins who are outside the US. Although, I am awaiting my final decision after submitting my medical, done with interview.
queens QJun 3, 2023
My PD was Nov. 2020. My son was outside of the country but He's here in the US now so I will be filing for Adjustment of Status. If he was outside the US t his file would have been sent to NVC where you uploaded requested documents and wait for his visa to be current before he could get an appointment at the Embassy.
queens QJun 8, 2023
US citizen filing for a minor step child.

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