Qa taha
May 14, 2022
final hearing court i751
hello people, is it ok to contact with judge before court date? because I was thinking to mail him a letter that explain my case, I had a first court in 2019 and he was very nice and he loved because my record is clear and I’m full education here in US.
Gigi AMay 14, 2022
what’s the background of ur case? was ur i751 denied?
Qa tahaMay 14, 2022
first time I filed yes then I refilled in 2018 I did my interview in 2021 then they sent me noid they received my response on feb 17/2022 but still no updates yet. when I had my court in 2019 the judge gave three years to fix my paper he said if uscis didn’t approve your case make sure you come back to me in 2022 he was super nice and our first was only 3 minutes
Qa tahaMay 14, 2022
I was confused why uscis gave us hard time I been with my wife since 2013 and we still together so that’s why I want to contact with judge. I’m trying to avoid the court bcus my lawyer will ask for more cash bcus he is friend of the judge and sure he will win the case. but I’m ok to pay if I got denied again 🤷‍♂️
waiting patientlyMay 14, 2022
just do what you have to do for your case to be approved and move on with your life

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