quang ho
Jul 22, 2021
expedite denied
will the denial of expediting affect the processing time of the form i485? i expedited due to financial loss for my i485 but got denied. pd is Oct2020 in Santa Ana field office
Rocco ForteJul 22, 2021
You cannot expedite I-485 based on financial loss. You can expedite work authorization
quang hoJul 22, 2021
@rocco i already got ead. i just have a job offer but they require a green card if i want to start a job. that’s reason for expedite..
M KJul 22, 2021
Most of the companies would definitely accept if you have an EAD with pending GC. There is no difference. Just convey ur message to the client
J PJul 22, 2021
I’ve seen this happen, some companies require a green card. Positions at local govs too. Sorry they denied it. I don’t think it’ll delay it though.

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