Dec 8, 2022
Emma agent was upset
so we have been waiting for an I-485 RFE in the mail and I know it takes 5-14 days. With an impending EB1 retrogression I’m obviously desperate to response to the RFE which in all likelihood is just medical. I tried asking Emma for a copy of the RFE electronically and they said I can try after 7 days. today is technically day 7 and when I got the agent - he was clearly upset and said “it’s the last time I’m telling you” and “you have been told this several times” and then “I will make a note of this” when I said my husband who is my dependent was given his RFE but I wasn’t. can this impact my green card process at all? I did apologize to the agent but is this likely to affect my application? I’m very worried and clearly desperate. Going to hit 18 months under EB1C category. any advice is welcome.
am eliaDec 8, 2022
You should’ve waited for him/her to get coffee before Karenizing early in the morning hahaha. Also, EB1 is retrogressed? they’re always current
C DDec 8, 2022
I tried contacting USCIS two times about my expedite request (no confirmation after 40 days). He sounded really annoyed after the second attempt so I think I’m just going to leave it. I don’t think they can penalize you for it, but they don’t have much power over the situation so I don’t think bugging them helps either. sorry!
TA ARDec 8, 2022
apparently eb1 will have a final action date and filing date for india and China in January. my PD is July 2021 so let’s see
leen .Dec 8, 2022
well nothing worse than me. i got so mad I told them I’ll sue them if my case takes longer than it should xD they said ended the chat right after lol I didn’t know they could write notes on my account oops
Daajiyah LambDec 11, 2022
He can't penalize you, did you get an answer to your question? ummm , that's his job and you PAID for this application, it wasnt free. I have zero point zero zero problem calling again ... if they want all the redundant calls to stop then they need to have more transparency. Afterall, these are our families we are separated from!
dalia MajalcaJan 2, 2023
por qué está mi caso en departamento de estado

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